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Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius by Timmie Horvath Policarpio Wanechko Certified Aromatherapist Aromatherapy Essential Oils Edmonton Reiki Training Crystal Healing

Imagine balancing a jug of life-giving water on top of your head, and carrying it by foot to your community to be shared. This is the essence of Aquarius, whose symbol is the water-bearer: the bearer of life and rejuvenation.

Aquarius is Cardinal Air, and a Full Moon in this Sign is a powerful time for cultivating your biggest ideas and expanding your sphere of influence. At its core, Aquarius energy works for the highest good of others, and it is these types of pursuits that will prove to be most successful during the time following this Full Moon.

The themes of Aquarius are that of community, humanitarian work, cooperation, collaboration, and ideas that challenge the zeitgeist. Aquarian energy is powerful enough to lead a political movement, or to mobilize groups of complacent people.

As it pertains to your own personal life, the Full Moon in Aquarius is the perfect time to take a long-term, wide-lens perspective on your goals and core values. Truly, what lights you up? What activities fill your soul to the brim, so that you can lead others from a place of authenticity and sovereignty? Take a moment to journal your answers to these questions.

Bring your awareness back to our opening visualization, that of the water bearer. In order for the water bearer to continue to deliver life-giving water to their family or community, they must be strong enough to do so – physically and mentally. The water bearer that forgets to nourish themselves will tire quickly, and will not be of service to others for long.

On this Aquarius Full Moon, focus your awareness on your self-care and how you nourish your mind, body, and soul. Use the following as journaling prompts:

Of all your goals, which one scares you the most? Typically this one is the most challenging; it may require a significant amount of time, support, or money.

What fills your cup? Write down all of the activities that make you feel alive, creative, and fulfilled. This has nothing to do with your vocation or business! Forget about how profitable an activity is; just riff on the things you love to do.

Quite often, the gap between where you are and where you want to be can be closed by nourishing your body, mind, and soul. Simply put, when you’re fully charged, you’ll have the mental capacity and physical endurance to be able to fulfill your wildest dreams 🙂

This month, dedicate this Aquarian Full Moon energy to your self-care knowing that as you do so, you’ll be serving others for the highest good.


Timmie Horvath Policarpio Wanechko Edmonton Reiki Training Crystal Healing Aromatherapy Essential OilsTimmie Horvath Policarpio Wanechko Edmonton Reiki Training Crystal Healing Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Image Credit: Quincy Alivio

This post was originally published in August of 2020.

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