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How to use Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry for Healing

How to Use Crystal and Gemstone Jewelry for Healing by Timmie Horvath - Edmonton Reiki Training Timmie Horvath Policarpio Wanechko St. Albert Reiki Crystal Healing Certification Aromatherapist

One of the most enticing aspects of working with crystals is that you can use them to adorn your body! Crystal jewelry is both an attractive and inconspicuous way to work with the healing power of crystals, and one that is quickly gaining popularity.

Because crystal jewelry tends to appeal to a wide variety of personal tastes, they are a great introduction to the world of crystal healing. Crystals make wonderful gifts, and most people are happy to wear crystal jewelry and enjoy learning about their energetic properties, whether or not they believe in their healing potential.

Working with crystal jewelry is a very powerful energy healing technique, and one that is often overlooked. Because crystal jewelry and accessories can be worn on your body, you are literally soaking up their energy all day – or for as long as you wear them!

Fashion First…?

I’d like to emphasize that it’s not necessary for you to constantly be wondering if the crystals you’re wearing are aligned with whatever it is you’re trying to achieve in your life. It is absolutely valid for you to choose your crystal jewelry based on your style preferences, your OOTD (outfit of the day), or habit!

After all, most of us are going to continue wearing our wedding jewelry, regardless of whether or not it aligns with our current goals. That being said, Diamonds, Sapphires, and most gemstones are powerful energetic allies for enhancing your personal energy, and that of your intentions!

As long as you remember to regularly cleanse your crystal and gemstone jewelry, you will continue to receive their subtle healing benefits throughout your day.

Crystal and Gemstone Placements

Wearing crystals in a bracelet is a great way to affect your entire aura, as your hands constantly move around you.

Crystals worn as rings help to influence your work, and can increase creativity and productivity. And since your Palm Chakras are connected to your Heart Chakra, crystals in rings can help to balance and heal your heart. Do you see the connection between wedding/engagement/promise rings and the Heart Chakra?

Crystals in your ears are close to your upper chakras, including your Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

Crystals worn around the neck are also great for balancing your Throat and Heart Chakras, as well as your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Ankle and toe jewelry helps to balance the Root and Earth Star (Foot) Chakras.

To learn more about how your Chakras affect you, click here!

If you’re like me, you find anklets, toe rings, and rings in general (other than my wedding rings) to be uncomfortable. And if so, don’t wear them!

The stones don’t have to be right next to the chakra you’re hoping to influence for you to benefit from them; remember, it is your intention to tap into the healing properties of the crystal that activates the process.

Personally, my healing jewelry consists of bracelets and a few necklaces. However, I will happily accept any and all forms of jewelry as gifts 🙂

A Note on Body Jewelry: Body jewelry (nose, eye, lip, navel, etc.) tends to be changed less often, and should therefore be energetically cleansed regularly. Even if there are no stones in the piece, remember that metals hold energy as well. Always follow best practices with regards to piercing hygiene. When it comes to body jewelry, choose safety first (surgical steel, titanium, pure gold, etc.), and then if it’s within your budget, you can add gemstones.

How I Use Crystal Jewelry for Healing

The Base Set

I tend to layer my jewelry. I have 1-2 crystal bracelets that I wear almost daily, and I typically choose these based on my health and wellness needs, as well as the overarching theme of my life in the moment (e.g., postpartum, back to school/work, vacation, etc). I call them my “base” crystals. I’ll wear them daily for a few weeks at a time, and when I feel that “hold my own”, energetically speaking, I move on and create a new base set.

The Next Layer(s)

I may then add another piece or two, depending on what I’m doing that day. Examples:

I have a “fitness set”, which consists of a Smoky Quartz bracelet, and a combination bracelet that has Red Jasper, Tiger’s Eye, and Green Aventurine. I wear this when I teach classes to boost my energy and stamina.

If I’m working with new clients or teaching a workshop, I may wear my Citrine necklace to boost positive vibes and repel negativity.

If I’m doing an energy healing session, I almost always wear Smoky Quartz to stay grounded and to boost the strength of my aura.

And sometimes, it’s just not practical to wear any kind of jewelry at all (or I’m simply not in the mood to wear any accessories). In that case, no big deal! The point of crystal healing is not to become dependent on crystals, but rather to attune your body to a strong and healthy vibrational state so that you can move through life more gracefully – whether or not you actually have your crystals on you.

Over to you – is your crystal jewelry purely ornamental? Or do you also like to use it for self-healing?

Love and Moonlight,

Timmie Horvath Policarpio Wanechko Edmonton Reiki Training Crystal Healing Aromatherapy Essential Oils

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