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New Moon in Aquarius

Right now, we are on the cusp of something new, contemporary, and completely unfamiliar. What is it, you ask? You tell me! The planetary energy at this time is ripe for change, so you better be prepared.

The New Moon in Aquarius is the first New Moon of the (new) year, and it’s also Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve . . . Wow.

New Moon energy holds the spark of new beginnings, whether by way of birth (something new) or death (something ending). Aquarius, a cardinal Air Sign, is ruled by Uranus, which is the planetary deity of dreams, rebellion, and activism.

The symbol of Aquarius is a person holding a water jug, the “water bearer”; this often leads to the misconception of Aquarius being a Water sign, but it is in fact, an Air sign. Think of Aquarius as the vehicle through which the life-giving energy of water flows.

The water that Aquarius brings symbolizes nourishment, yes, but also change. You, and everyone around you, will be feeling the need to shake things up in every area of your lives. Ideas that had been left on the backburner are now being brought to the forefront, and paths other than the one you chose are looking more and more attractive.

Aquarius leads the charge for social change, and is the sign of the humanitarian. Use this energy to take action towards causes that you believe in. Also, use this energy to seriously question everything that you think you believe in.

Be careful not to run rampant on Aquarius energy, especially if you’re already feeling scattered. It’s never wise to drop long-standing commitments and to abandon well-laid plans on a whim. Instead, take a bird’s eye view of everything you’ve accomplished over the past 6 months, and consider whether the path you’re currently on is still serving you.

The New Moon in Aquarius is an amazing opportunity for you to consider if there is a better way. Is there an area of your life that’s due for an upgrade, whether via new tech, new staff, or new resources? What can improve? What can be taken in a new direction? At the very least, try a new hobby, or take a new class (different from what you would normally take!).

The New Moon in Aquarius also challenges us to build resiliency by adapting to change. Expect others to change their minds, or to make seemingly odd requests. Consider new ideas from new people. And finally, remember that setbacks are often opportunities in disguise. A contrary opinion is not a personal attack, but rather, an invitation to more learning and even compassion!

Enjoy this energy folks, it’s a real ride!

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