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New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus by Timmie Horvath (Wanechko Policarpio) - The Sacred Wellness School of Healing Arts | Edmonton Reiki Training, Crystal Healing Certification, Chakra Therapy Certification, Aromatherapy, Essential Oil Safety

Virtue is its own reward…

As we transition from the fiery atmosphere of Aries, we move into a New Moon in the Zodiac Sign of Taurus: an Earth sign which brings with it an air of stability and longevity.

Taurus is ruled by the Venus, the Planet of Love, Luxury, and Financial Abundance. This is truly delicious season indeed! Taurus people are naturally inclined towards the good life, and they possess the grit and determination needed to achieve it.

Luxe Living

Paired with the energy of the New Moon, which supports fresh starts, this is an ideal time to focus on any goals related to your money and quality of life. Bring your awareness to things such as:

Your Money

Let’s talk about your Savings account: How’s it doing? Do you even have one? No time like the present to start putting money away!

If you’ve never met with a financial advisor before, now would be the PERFECT time to do so. Going over your finances and your goals with a professional is one of the most empowering things you’ll ever do.

Also, remember that as you give, so shall you receive. Are you currently in the practice of tithing? Whether it’s to a charity, environmental initiative, or religious organization, tithing is an age-old practice for keeping the channels of abundance open.

By the way, I’m talking about actual tithing, i.e., donating MONEY. Volunteering your time and giving away used items is all well and good, and certainly keep doing that; however, if you find yourself financially blocked, you’ll find that giving away actual CASH is the key to allowing yourself to receive more money 🙂

Your Quality of Life

Taurus is about the good things in life, and yes, that includes material luxury.

Ask yourself: Are you able to give yourself the things that you want? Can you actually afford the life that you’re living? Perhaps it’s time to take a close look at your priorities.

There’s nothing wrong wanting expensive, high-quality goods, as long as you’re not compromising your future in the long run. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of redirecting your energy. The money you spend on your lottery ticket habit, for example, could easily be redirected towards a much more worthwhile (and ahem, guaranteed) item.

Your Routines

Taurus energy creates stability, and anything cultivated during this period is likely to stand the test of time. That being said, the shadow side to Taurus is a fear of change, or the tendency to get stuck in a rut.

Where Aries energy inspires change just for the sake of it, Taurus energy reminds us that change is good when it’s warranted. Do a review of your daily and weekly tasks to see if anything could do with some revision. If something works, keep it; otherwise, change the way you approach a task, delegate it, or eliminate it entirely!

An easy way to shake things up is to simply REPLACE an old activity/behaviour with a new one. For example, maybe you want to start a daily meditation practice, but can’t find the time. Instead of scrolling through Instagram while sitting at the school parking lot, you could listen to a guided meditation while waiting for your kids. This action alone could dramatically change your life for the better! I’m sure you can think of similar ways that you can apply this to your life.

Think Long Term

The gifts of Taurus include endurance (in body, heart, and mind) and practicality. As we move towards the halfway point of the year, let this Taurus New Moon remind you to choose things (including pursuits and relationships!) that will bring you joy and love for years to come.

Timmie Horvath Policarpio Wanechko Edmonton Reiki Training Crystal Healing Aromatherapy Essential OilsTimmie Horvath Policarpio Wanechko Edmonton Reiki Training Crystal Healing Aromatherapy Essential Oils

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