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Our Response to COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19 - The Sacred Wellness School of Healing Arts, an Edmonton-based online business

Hello, friends. I’d like to take this moment to formally outline my response to the COVID-19 crisis. Through The Sacred Wellness School of Healing Arts, I have offered professional holistic health courses and healing sessions to my community both in-person and online. I want to assure you that I will continue to offer the best service, while staying within government-mandated guidelines. In fact, I will always exercise extra caution, as your health and wellbeing takes priority above all else.

TLDR: All of my upcoming in-person workshops will continue via Zoom livestream. All registrants have been contacted via email with the option to transfer to the online training, or request a refund. Also, all of my in-person healing sessions (energy healing and massage) have been cancelled as mandated by the government.

Events & Workshops

I take pride in the fact that I responded quickly to the changes that were occurring in my city due to this pandemic. Exactly four weeks ago (March 19, 2020), I released a video on Facebook announcing my move from in-person workshops to livestream workshops via Zoom.

Since that time, I have taught and co-facilitated many new livestream workshops and released new online courses. I have also successfully migrated my entire school to my Teachable school platform, so all of my courses are now available online – many are even on-demand!

Massage & Energy Healing Sessions

The province of Alberta has declared a state of emergency, which means that all non-essential businesses must close until further notice. Therefore, I will no longer be offering Massage or Energy Healing services until further notice.

Private Training

In-person Private Training sessions are also cancelled until further notice. However, I am still offering Private Training via Zoom. Please email me to inquire: timmie@sacredwellness.co

Online Learning

Please know that online courses and private training sessions are not new offerings for me. I have taught Reiki via Zoom, created online courses, and facilitated livestream workshops long before we were required to go on lockdown. This is a format I am very comfortable and experienced with, so you can expect a smooth, high-quality experience.

As you may know, it has always been my plan to offer my courses online. I have received many requests throughout the years for online versions of my courses (especially Reiki); some of these requests were made by people who were from out of town, and others were made by people who simply wanted the convenience of an online format. I’m happy to say that my goal of creating an online school has been achieved!

Affordability & Freebies

To help offset the financial stress that many are under, I have created new, more affordable courses that still offer immense value – only $50 CAD! Check out my full course catalog.

I have am also offering more free content, including The Sacred Wellness Library (free for newsletter subscribers) and online yoga classes. As a bonus, the Chakra Wellness Video Workshop is currently available for free!

I look forward to the day when I can once again host in-person events, and offer Massage & Energy Healing sessions. However, please note that moving forward, all of my professional certification courses will be offered exclusively online.

At this time, I have no plans to schedule any in-person events for the remainder of 2020, and I would like to explain why. Please understand that I do not plan on stopping my workshop offerings. I adore facilitating live classes, and I cannot wait until the day when I can gather with all of you again.

In the business of workshop facilitation, events have to be booked well in advance, and I, as the host, am at the mercy of the facility (yoga studio, workshop space, conference room, etc). All of my go-to facilities are closed, and some have closed permanently. I have no way of knowing what my options will be when all is said and done, and how far in advance I will be able to book.

I am not the only workshop facilitator who has lost business because of this pandemic. Any facilities left standing will have to field all of us, and we will be hungry and eager to book space ASAP.

In a perfect world, I can secure booking space with a facility that specializes in wellness events. But, who knows? If this lasts any longer, there may not be any wellness spaces left. I sincerely hope that that’s not the case. However, if that happens, don’t worry – I will find a space! Hotel conference room, office board room, church basement… I’ll find something, I promise. So stay tuned. I’m not going anywhere (ever!).

For now though, I’m really enjoying being an online teacher, and I don’t feel like I’ve lost any sense of connection with you – if anything, keeping things online feels more expansive and limitless!

I wish you all health, wealth, and happiness. Let’s all be extra kind and compassionate to ourselves and others.

If we aren’t already connected on social, follow me on IG @sacredwellness.co and on Facebook. And join my newsletter!

Much love,

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