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RITUAL: Releasing 2017 to Receive 2018

RITUAL: Releasing 2017 to Receive 2018 - by Timmie Horvath Edmonton Reiki Training Crystal Healing Certification Aromatherapy Courses

Hello, Lightworkers! First of all, I want to share a very important update: my (first!) daughter (and third child!), Celeste Jasmine “Cece” Horvath was born on December 5, 2017 🙂 We’re all very happy and healthy, and I’m enjoying retreating into the cocoon of new motherhood.

Timmie Horvath Edmonton Reiki Training Crystal Healing Certification Aromatherapy Courses


More than ever, I’m grateful for this amazing “Laptop Lifestyle” which allows me to work around my kids and my priorities as a Mom. 

I’ve been a Wellpreneur (wellness entrepreneur) since 2009, and have been a “full-time” entrepreneur since 2012. During that time I’ve gone to school, worked, got divorced, got married… and sprinkle in 3 children throughout that timeline 😉

Can it really be done? Absolutely. In fact I’m so passionate about coaching women in making their entrepreneurial aspirations come true, that a few months ago I joined forces with Caroline Stewart of InspirED Me and we created The Wellpreneur Network, a FREE online biz coaching group for Wellness Entrepreneurs. If this resonates, we’d love to have you join us!

Once you’re in the group, you can expect daily biz coaching prompts, weekly videos, the option to SHARE YOUR OFFERINGS on a weekly basis (in a controlled post; easy to find, and not at all spammy), and best of all, the ability to ask me and Caroline any of your biz questions, either via PM or through the group – we love answering via video!

It’s been such a privilege seeing the growth and connections made within the group. We’re a lively, active crowd! If you’re looking for a group in which to grow, collaborate, and be inspired, send us a request! Remember, totally free to join – the only thing you need is a Facebook account 🙂

To that end, I wanted to offer you a small sample of the kind of content you can find in The Wellpreneur Network.

The following is a simple but powerful exercise for closing out 2017 so that you can fully receive everything you hope for in 2018. 

So often, people skip this very important step in favour of listing out their goals and intentions. If you do this, you’re going to hit a glass ceiling and end up rehashing everything you didn’t get closure with – this applies both to your personal life *and* your business!

RITUAL: How to Close Out 2017

This is a journaling exercise that will be done freestyle – tap into your stream of consciousness, and don’t edit anything. The point is to energetically release what’s already there.

1) Write out all 12 months, and list out all of the major events (if any) that happened each month. They don’t have to be happy or “obvious” events, like a wedding or a business launch; break-ups, losses, new friendships – anything that was “big” for you.

2) Make a list of all of your successes and joyous moments in 2017. Again, they don’t have to be outwardly big events; include your personal private joys and successes.

3) What did you gain from these successes? How did you get there? WHAT MAKES YOU SUCCEED? The answers to these questions are KEY to finding out how to best support yourself in building your ideal life and empire.

4) Make a list of all of your losses and failures (for lack of a better phrase) in 2017. Hey, we all belly flop, and it’s all a very important part of the process! Be honest here.

5) What did you learn about yourself through these losses? Don’t play the blame game, but what do you think might have contributed to these events? What might have prevented them? What strategies that you applied didn’t work for you? It’s okay if you can’t answer these right away; these are tough questions and sometimes just opening yourself up to an answer is enough to get the wheels turning in your head.

6) Take a quick journaling break – allow your mind and heart to rest from that heavy reflecting. Now, take stock of everything you’ve just written down, and distill it into ONE WORD. This one word will answer the following question: If you could describe 2017 with one word, what would it be?

7) Close with gratitude. Write down 10 things that happened in 2017 that you are grateful for.

WHEW! Take some deep breaths, ground and centre, and thank the Divine (however best resonates with you).

This process may sound exhausting… And it is… But I promise, you will come out of it with a crystal clear clarity that will help you wipe the slate clean, and build a strong foundation for next year.

No matter what kind of year 2017 was like for you, I’m sure there were moments worth celebrating. And if there were many, big, momentus events worth celebrating, I’d be willing to bet that they came with a heck of a lot of stress too! Here’s my “Best Nine” according to Instagram:

Timmie Horvath Edmonton Reiki Training Crystal Healing Certification Aromatherapy Courses

Beautiful, right? But, what you don’t see is the debilitating nausea, dizziness, morning sickness, and fatigue that consumed the better part of my year… All worth it, obvi, but the point is, you gotta take the good with the bad.

Give yourself the gift of CLOSURE. That way, you can fully receive all of the awesome 2018 has the potential to be!

Please share your thoughts and experiences with this exercise in the comments below. If you have a similar practice, please share that as well!

Aaaaaand, if you want to sprinkle some high-vibe biz inspo into your social feed, be sure to Like us on FB at fb.com/thewellpreneurs and follow us on Insta @wellpreneur.ca.

To your best year yet,

Timmie Horvath Policarpio Wanechko Edmonton Reiki Training Crystal Healing Aromatherapy Essential Oils

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