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Join us for our monthly Soul Circles!

We are an intimate collective of soul-centered women, who thrive on connection, learning, and spiritual exploration.

These Soul Circles are facilitated by myself, Timmie Horvath, and Adelle Burtic, Owner of Authentically Healing You (Insta: @authenticallyhealingyou), and they take place at Adelle’s private home studio in St. Albert, AB.

Thank you for joining us in 2017! Our Soul Circles will resume again in 2018. Check back for future dates. 

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What to Expect

Our Circles begin with a Guided Meditation, based on the theme of the evening. After a brief introduction, you’ll be guided into a Restorative Yoga pose, and brought into a relaxed state. Adelle and I will go around and perform hands-on Reiki Healing on everyone. Everyone will have an opportunity to receive hands-on Reiki (although if you would prefer hands-off, we will accommodate that as well, of course!). After the Group Reiki session, we will have a talk and group discussion around our topic of the evening.

Previous topics include:

♥︎ Chakra Healing 101

♥︎ Moon Energy 101

♥︎ New Moon Manifesting

♥︎ Crystal Healing 101

While this Circle is reserved for women only, we acknowledge that you determine your own gender; we are trans-inclusive, genderqueer, and nonbinary inclusive. Basically, if you identify as a woman, you’re welcome here. 


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