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What I Learned From a Year of Teaching Reiki

What I Learned From a Year of Teaching Reiki by Timmie Wanechko - Edmonton Reiki Training and Crystal Healing

Last week, on Monday, March 14, 2016, I celebrated one year of teaching Reiki 🙂 I was fortunate to spend the previous weekend actually teaching Reiki workshops, and I didn’t even realize until halfway through that my teaching anniversary had come up. Did time ever fly!

Reiki Training and Crystal Healing Certification with Timmie Wanechko in Edmonton and St. Albert

Time flies during a workshop, time flies between workshops, and time flew by this entire year. And to think that I almost didn’t start at all! My Reiki biz is a living testimony to starting before you’re ready.

During this year, I’ve taught 17 workshops, ranging from Reiki Level 1-3 certification courses and conference talks, plus I even launched my Crystal Healing Certification!

In a therapeutic relationship, it’s the client who is really doing the healing; and in a teaching relationship, I truly believe that it’s the students who really do the teaching. Here are some things that I’ve learned over the past year.


You ARE a Healer

Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum Touch, says that a Healer is someone who was sick, and got better; and a great Healer is someone who was REALLY sick, and got better.

All healing is self-healing, and when you choose to become a Reiki practitioner, you allow yourself to be a channel for Reiki, remove your ego and your expectations, and allow the recipient to heal themselves.

You are, absolutely, 100%, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a Healer. There is nobody who cannot do this work. There is nobody who cannot make intentional change in themselves on all levels – mind, body, and soul.

Not all of my students begin their training believing that they are cut out to do Reiki. In fact, most of them admit that it seems so beyond them, and if not for the persistent urge to study Reiki, they wouldn’t even consider themselves competent practitioners.

Everyone leaves the course feeling incredibly empowered by their rediscovered ability to bring comfort and healing to themselves and others. No exceptions.

You Don’t Need to Believe in Reiki for it to Work!

I didn’t think many people would pay money and dedicate an entire weekend to studying something that they weren’t entirely sure about, but joke’s on me!

Lots of my students began as skeptics. I’ve also had the good fortune of having most, if not all, of my students be critical thinkers. Finally, I haven’t yet met a student who could confidently say at the onset that they understood how Reiki or energy healing works. And while there are lots of great articles that attempt to explain the science behind how Reiki works (here’s a recent one), Reiki is an experiential process.

Basically? Once you experience it, you’ll know.

The Time is Always Right

If you are sitting at a Reiki workshop, whether across from me in a private setting or with a bunch of like-minded souls in a group setting, know that YOU ARE MEANT TO BE THERE.

You may not feel totally ready (actually, you will never feel ready), but the fact that you are showing up means that you are.

Everyone is led to Reiki at the right time, and everything that you have to overcome in order to be able to attend the workshop is part of your journey to owning your power as a Healer.

And Finally: You Are Already Whole

There is nothing wrong with you. Reiki will not fix you, because you are not broken. In spite of all your previous trauma, and any illness you may have, you are already perfect and whole. Reiki helps you embody this truth.

It’s not about “I’m going to be better now because I have this amazing new technique that’s going to fix all that ails me”. Yes, Reiki will help you feel better in all aspects of your life, over time. And yes, Reiki has done some seemingly miraculous things and I use it for “band-aid” purposes all the time too!

But the real healing happens when you allow the Divine intelligence that is Reiki to raise your vibration, thereby allowing you to see yourself clearly as a whole, healed, perfectly imperfect human.

That’s the irony, in all of this. First, you think, “Reiki will heal me”. Then, you say, “Reiki fixed me”. And finally, you realize, “I was never broken to begin with!”.


I practice and teach Reiki in the spirit of the Wise Woman Tradition, as taught by Susun Weed. To coin her phrase, my hope for you is that you will know and experience yourself as “Happy, Healthy, and Whole/Holy”.

I hope that you can join us at a workshop, or learn one-on-one with me via private training 🙂

Always here for you,

Timmie Wanechko Edmonton Reiki

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