Massage Therapy and Reiki with Timmie Horvath in St. Albert, AB | Massage in St. Albert and Edmonton
Massage Therapy, Reiki, Custom Flower Remedies, and Holistic Business Coaching in St. Albert, AB | Timmie Horvath, RMT, NWP | Direct Billing

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  • St. AlbertClick here to book a Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, Private Training, or Holistic Business Coaching Session
  • Sherwood ParkClick here to book a Therapeutic Massage at Empowerfit. At this time, I am only offering sessions at Empowerfit on Sundays only
  • To request a Custom Bach Flower Remedy, scroll to the bottom of this page
  • New Massage & Reiki clients – please complete the Client Intake Form before your session
  • All in-person clients must complete the COVID Screening Questionnaire within 1 hour of your appointment
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment
  • We accept all forms of payment including debit, credit card, cash, and EMT
  • Insurance receipts provided upon request for Massage & Reiki sessions (sent via email)

Our Locations

St. Albert

The Sacred Wellness Clinic is located at 44 St. Thomas Street #2, St. Albert, AB T8N 6N8. The building is called “Positive Power Plus”, and we are located just around the corner from La Crema Cafe. There is plenty of free parking in front.

Positive Power Plus St. Albert

Sherwood Park

I also offer Massage Therapy sessions out of Empowerfit on Sundays only. Empowerfit is located at 176 Chippewa Rd, Sherwood Park, AB T8A 4G7. Just off the Henday exit, very easy to access 🙂 There is plenty of free parking in front.

Session Fees

Please note that fees vary by location.

For my St. Albert Clinic, Click here to see all of our updated session fees and to book the following services:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Reiki
  • Holistic Business Coaching

✅ All prices include GST.

For Empowerfit pricing, please refer to their website.

Session Descriptions

Massage Therapy

These sessions integrate a variety of therapeutic massage techniques, including Swedish, musculoskeletal, trigger point, and myofascial techniques. Each session is tailored to your needs as per your assessment. Massage Therapy is an essential and effective healing modality that can help to support you in your healing, as well as optimize your overall health and wellness. Massage can enhance sports and fitness performance, promote healing from acute and chronic conditions, and is a fantastic pain reliever. In addition to its physical benefits, Massage is also very effective in inducing a deep state of relaxation, and increasing your sense of wellbeing.


Our Reiki sessions are an integrative energy healing experience, incorporating Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Therapy, and Aromatherapy. These sessions provide a holistic healing experience that is deeply relaxing and grounding. Reiki also helps to balance your emotions, enhance your body’s self-healing capabilities, and boost your immunity. Reiki is ideal for people who require gentle, non-invasive complementary healing modalities that will not interfere with medical treatment, such as those who have just had surgery, or are undergoing immunotherapy or chemotherapy. Reiki is ideal throughout pregnancy, and is safe for all ages and stages of life.

Holistic Business Coaching

Become a successful Wellness Entrepreneur with Holistic Business Coaching! Timmie Horvath has been an entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry since 2009. She started her own wellness school in 2015, and has since coached many of her students towards creating their own thriving businesses. She offers mentorship in helping you create a private practice, as well as assistance with curriculum design. And, as a former freelance web & graphic designer, Timmie’s specialty is in helping you establish your website and social media presence. These sessions can take place in person at Timmie’s St. Albert office or via Zoom (recording including).

Custom Bach Flower Remedies

Custom Bach Flower Remedies in St. Albert and Edmonton, AB | Flower Essence Therapy
  • To order a custom blend, begin by completing the online consultation form. I will email you to confirm that I received your submission, along with any additional information I may need from you
  • A Custom Flower Remedy Consultation is $21 ($20 plus GST), and we accept all forms of payment including debit, credit card, cash, and EMT
  • Pick-up is at our location in St. Albert (see below). We will arrange a pick-up time via email
  • As a Board Certified Natural Wellness Practitioner and Health Coach, I offer Wellness Consultations which include Flower Remedy and Aromatherapy consultations. In addition to my Health Coaching certification, I am also a trained Flower Essence and Aromatherapy Practitioner. Please click here to learn more about my qualifications