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Crystals for Abundance

Crystals for Abundance by Timmie Horvath Policarpio Wanechko Aromatherapist Edmonton Reiki Training Crystal Healing Certification

Being both physical and energetic manifestations of high-vibrational energy, crystals are one of my favourite tools for drawing abundance into my life.

Cue obligatory statement where I remind you that abundance comes in many forms: love, community, time, etc. All totally awesome things that are super important to me. However, for the purposes of this post, I’m talking about attracting abundance in terms of WEALTH. More specifically:

– Having all the money you need, and more
– Always having all of your material needs met
– Success in your career (upward mobility) and/or business (unlimited earning potential)

Now, let me be clear. There is no one crystal on Earth that is going to magically make you a money magnet, just because.

How Crystals Work to Attract Abundance (Or Anything!)

What crystals do is vibrate at their own unique frequency, and thereby attract and/or repel certain energetic vibrations. When we attune to the energy of a crystal by tapping into it via meditation, direct intention, or by spending a lot of time with it (wearing it as jewelry, or keeping it at our bedside, for example), then we energetically entrain ourselves to attract the same energies that the crystal would attract.

Therefore, crystals work to SUPPORT us, energetically.

A crystal cannot make anyone offer us a job, but it can put us in a better frame of mind and give us the confidence to apply for suitable positions and to interview well. A crystal cannot make people give us money; but it can give us clarity and improve our creativity so that we can come up with unique ways to create multiple streams of income.

Certain crystals also resonate very well with the Root and Sacral Chakras, and when both are humming at an optimal rate, we are always able to meet our basic material needs, as well as allow money to flow easily to and from us.

My 5 Go-To Abundance Crystals

A common theme among these crystals is that they are particularly grounding, which is so important when we’re working to create on the physical realm. For things to show up for us in “real life”, we need to be steeped in reality and act accordingly.

Red Jasper

Resonates strongly with the Root Chakra, which is in charge of our stability, security, and safety. When this Chakra is balanced, we have all of our physical (read: financial) needs met, we are able to hold down jobs, and we have a reliable flow of income. This is a very grounding stone, which helps to Earth our expectations and actions in reality.

Clear Quartz

Great for increasing abundance in any area. Clear Quartz amplifies our intentions, and increases the energetic properties of everything around it. It brings clarity, creativity, and encourages action.

Black Tourmaline

A very grounding and protective stone. It helps to dissipate all sorts of energetic blockages (including money blocks) and to remove fear and doubt, which is often what stops us from doing what needs to be done to manifest the money we need.

Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)

Even though Pyrite isn’t technically a crystal (it’s a metal), it’s one of my favourite stones for drawing in financial abundance. Just look at it, it looks like a gold nugget! The energy of Pyrite is that of physical manfestation, success, and “all that glitters”. If you can find this in cube form (to tap into the Sacred Geometry of the square and cube, both great for financial abundance and stability), then even better!

Tiger’s Eye

This is a stone of power, strength, and leadership, all necessary qualities for moving forward in your career, and creating a successful business. This stone resonates strongly with both the Sacral Chakra (our ability to give and receive abundance, not just in the form of pleasure and joy, but in finances as well), and the Solar Plexus Chakra, our area of confidence, inner strength, and leadership.

Of course, there are many, many other crystals that can be used for manifesting financial and material abundance! I always recommend that you work with what you have, and especially to work with what already works for you.

How to Use Them

Create a Crystal Grid

I have a crystal grid made up of the above crystals in the shape of a square (the shape of stability, manifestation, and material wealth), with a Clear Quartz generator as the Centre Stone. I keep this grid at my home office desk, which is where the majority of my income is created and received.

Make a Mojo Bag

Place your chosen Abundance crystals, along with some representations of what you’re trying to manifest (such as paper money, coins, a cheque, and/or a specific money goal written on a piece of paper) in a small pouch. You can also include dried herbs or essential oils (a few drops on a cotton ball) that resonate with your particular abundance goal. Cleanse and empower the bag with Reiki or a sage smudge. You can keep this bag with you, in your purse, or at your work desk.

Carry the stones

Small tumbled stones are awesome for this! I like to keep a small tiger’s eye in my wallet at all times to empower my money. You can also wear jewelry that resonates with the energy of abundance, or simply keep tumbled stones on you (wear them in your bra, keep them in a coat pocket, keep them in your car). You can even use them as touchstone reminders – every time you touch the stone in your pocket, you remind yourself of your financial goals, which may help you curb excessive/impulsive spending!

Have Fun With It!

Making money and hustlin’ can be hard work, but crystals should always be fun! Allow these wonderful Earth-based energetic tools to bring a sense of wonder and hope into your work.

Happy Manifesting!

Timmie Horvath Policarpio Wanechko Edmonton Reiki Training Crystal Healing Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Become a Certified Crystal Healer! In our powerful group workshops, learn crystal healing methods for working with yourself and others, how to create crystal grids, and many more techniques for enhancing your life. Learn more about the course here, and see my upcoming workshops in Edmonton here

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