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How Crystal Healing Works

How Crystal Healing Works by Timmie Horvath - The Sacred Wellness School of Healing Arts & Clinic - Online Reiki Training, Aromatherapy Certification and St. Albert Massage Therapy

Crystal healing, or crystal therapy, is an energy healing modality that is enjoying an increase in popularity. While it might seem that crystal healing is a trendy new age fad, crystals have in fact been used for therapeutic purposes for over thousands of years, with crystal talismans and amulets dating back to the beginning of humankind.

On a practical level, crystals have been used to enhance our day-to-day lives as well as in scientific research. Crystals are used in clocks, radios, lasers, and digital technology (the very device you’re using to read this!), among many other things.

On an esoteric level, crystals have enjoyed a long history in many cultures throughout Asia, Europe, and now especially in North America. From warriors to kings to local healers, crystals have been used by people of all walks of life for a variety of purposes.

Today, in fact, the amber crystal is renowned for both its practical and metaphysical ability to alleviate physical pain and emotional discomfort. Countless mothers attest to its effectiveness in relieving their babies’ pain, especially from teething, making baltic amber jewelry the hottest accessory for babies and children.

Crystals are beautiful and fun, and their healing and energetic properties are available to everyone! You don’t need to have any special training or subscribe to a particular belief system to work with crystals. All you need is to understand how they work, keep an open mind, and be willing to experiment and receive the benefits for yourself.

I am so excited to guide you on your journey to healing with crystals!

How Crystals Affect Us

We are all energy. Everything, in fact, is energy. Our physical bodies are denser energies that vibrate at a very low rate, which is why we can see and feel them; however, there are many other energetic beings and frequencies that vibrate at a much higher rate that most of us are unable to see with the naked eye. That does not mean that they do not exist. We know this intuitively – anytime anyone advises you to “read the room”, they are essentially asking you to intuitively sense the energies in the room to gauge whether they are positive or negative (vibrating at a high or low frequency), and from there decide on the appropriate course of action.

When we are happy and at peace, we emit a high vibrational frequency which affects everything and everybody around us. If we can maintain this high level of vibration, we will become the kind of person everybody wants to be around because people feel good in our presence.

Obviously, this works both ways: if we are depressed or hostile, people will be able to sense that as well, and we will affect them negatively. For example, I believe that most of us growing up just “knew” when our parents were in foul moods before they even said anything. We affect people with our energy, without exception.

The energetic frequency of crystals and gemstones are among the highest vibrational frequencies on earth. Our universe runs on the law of attraction, which means that things will attract other things with which they are a vibrational match.

In the presence of an extremely high vibrational being, such as a crystal, your energetic state will begin to increase to match that of the crystal. That, in an essence, is how crystals affect us, and how crystal healing works.

How to Use Crystals Therapeutically

Any crystal, being extremely high vibrational in nature, will work to increase the vibration of the environment it is placed in, or the person it is placed on or with. Therefore, in a pinch, any crystal will help you feel better.

However, each crystal has its own energetic properties. For example:

  • Black tourmaline has a very strong grounding effect, and is particularly helpful for transmuting negativity and for protection.
  • Fluorite is particularly helpful in physical healing, and amethyst is also an effective healer, and is the stone of choice by those seeking spiritual healing or advancement.
  • Clear quartz is said to encompass the properties of all stones, and can be used universally as well as to amplify the effects of other stones.
  • Rose quartz is a popular “love stone”, and aside from promoting and enhancing romantic love, is particularly helpful in cultivating self-love, happiness, and peace, as well as also being a strong healer and pain reducer.
  • As previously mentioned, amber is an effective pain reducer, and is most effective when touching the skin. Amber jewelry is readily available for both children and adults in most baby boutiques, consignment stores, and online.

Using stones that match your intention will definitely enhance and improve your outcome! You can work with one kind of stone, or with a variety, depending on what you need and how complex you’re willing to take things. Crystals can be placed on the body (especially useful in your efforts to relieve pain), around your environment, or they can simply be carried (I know I’m not the only one who has crystals in her bra!). Crystals can also be arranged in a geometric pattern, or crystal grid, which further amplifies the crystals’ effects.

The use of crystals is not restricted to physical and emotional healing, by the way! You can work with crystals to manifest things on the material plane; to send luck, love, and protection to yourself or loved ones; or (my favourite) as a tool to aid meditation. You can bring your crystals out during your yoga practice to raise the energy of the room and compound the positive effects of your practice, and you can also place them strategically throughout your living space to enhance your feng shui, adding both physical beauty and good vibes.

There are so many ways to work with crystals, and the best way to work with them is whatever works for you at that time.

More complicated does not equal more effective. Consider your time restraints (deadlines, etc.) and resources (maybe you only have a small collection – that’s okay!), and allow flexibility. You do NOT have to follow any one crystal grid “recipe” to the letter. Most importantly, let your intuition guide you. When you’re working with energy, you have to be willing to let your logical mind concede to your intuitive “heart mind”.

How to Know What Crystals to Use

Between the internet and the plethora of crystal books and encyclopedias available, there are simply countless accounts of the energetic and healing properties of crystals and gemstones. And while the information is fairly consistent (especially with the more popular stones, such as amethyst, clear quartz, and rose quartz), you will find many variations and a wide spectrum of conflicting information.

So, the question is, who do you believe?

The answer is very simple: Yourself. What’s most important is how the crystal resonates with you.

The next time you go shopping for crystals at a gem shop, I dare you to look around at the other shoppers. You may notice some of them holding a crystal in their left hand while they close their eyes; this is a very common practice in sensing the energy of the crystal. When you place a crystal in your left (receptive) hand, you allow its energy to come through you, and you let it “tell” you how it can help you, or if it is meant to work with you at all.

If you simply relax and allow your intuition to take the lead, you will know which crystals to use, even if you have no idea what they are and how they’re supposed to affect your physical, mental, or emotional body. And if you read a definition of a crystal which doesn’t resonate with you, then feel free to question it! Remember that everybody who writes about crystals (myself included) writes from their own perspective and their own experience. Everybody is different.

If you’re advised to use a particular crystal but don’t resonate with it, don’t use it! It doesn’t matter if everybody uses it. What matters is what YOU intuitively feel will be the most effective stone.

What “Healing” Means

It’s important to note that the word “healing”, especially when used in the context of holistic health and energy medicine, does not mean “cure”. Healing encompasses the wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Indeed, it is possible for a physically healthy person to still have a low level of wellness (if they are chronically depressed or emotionally volatile, for example), and for a terminally ill patient to maintain a relatively high level of wellness (if they are at peace with their circumstances and are managing their pain/disabilities to the best of their abilities).

Don’t get me wrong – the vast majority of crystal and energy “press” is due to what people interpret as “miraculous” cures for physical ailments, ranging from the spontaneous setting of bones to a healthy recovery from illness. And yes, each crystal has properties that affect the body on a physical level, which you can certainly use to your advantage.

The point is that crystal healing, like all energy healing modalities, works on the body as a holistic unit – in body, mind, and spirit, and therefore, its effects will be felt and experienced in a vastly different way than with conventional medicine. Since crystal energy addresses the body as a whole, crystals heal by restoring wellness to the entire body, including the subtle bodies (the “unseen” energetic bodies, such as the mental and emotional bodies).

Conventional medicine is fantastic in that it compartmentalizes the area being treated: pharmaceutical drugs target the virus/bacteria/ailment in question, and work directly to treat it. Where pharmaceutical intervention is necessary, crystals are a wonderful complementary therapy, working synergistically with medication to potentially speed up and enhance the healing process.

Crystals must never be used in lieu of medicine. Always consult a healthcare professional for a proper diagnosis and to determine what other forms of treatment may be required.

Becoming a Crystal Healer

Anybody and everybody is a crystal healer if they work with crystals for healing purposes, whether for themselves or others. You do not need any certification or special education to use crystals effectively for the purposes of healing and manifesting.

As a professional practice, crystal healing/therapy is unregulated, much like other forms of energy therapy, including Reiki. While a certification or proof of education in crystal healing is certainly an asset for the aspiring professional crystal healer, it is technically not required. What is and will always be required, regardless of the kind of healing modality you practice, is INSURANCE for exactly the type of service you are providing.

I have a certification in Crystal Energy and Healing, which I chose to get because I wanted to advance my knowledge and to learn how to properly apply crystal energy to others as a healing modality. Because I am also a Reiki practitioner, I personally felt it was important for me to be a certified crystal healer to enhance my practice and professional status. Plus, I just simply love learning!

If you are currently a Registered Massage Therapist or professional Reiki/BodyTalk/energy practitioner, crystals are a fantastic adjunct to your practice and will be very well received by your clients. Talk about adding a “special touch” to your treatments! I highly recommend incorporating crystals into your practice for both the benefit of your clients and your reputation. Identifying yourself as a crystal healer will set you apart from your colleagues and make you an asset in the eyes of potential employers and clients.

Whatever you do, and however you choose to work with them, crystals will enhance your life. Let their outer beauty serve as a reminder of the inner beauty and infinite potential within us all.

Crystal Blessings,

Timmie Horvath Policarpio Wanechko Edmonton Reiki Training Crystal Healing Aromatherapy Essential OilsTimmie Horvath Policarpio Wanechko Edmonton Reiki Training Crystal Healing Aromatherapy Essential Oils

This post was originally written and published by Timmie Horvath on June 27, 2018.

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