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New Moon Energy

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This is the second post in the Moon Energy Series.

What is the New Moon?

The New Moon refers to the time of the month when the Moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun, so that the Sun’s rays are solely on the part of the Moon that faces away from the Earth, and therefore the Moon is not visible in the sky. Like the Full Moon, the New Moon occurs at a precise and predictable time every month.


What About the Dark Moon?

Because the Moon is not visible in the sky during this phase, the New Moon is also commonly referred to as the Dark Moon.

In fact, some people consider the time when the Moon is invisible (“dark”) to be the Dark Moon, with the New Moon being when the first sliver of crescent light appears, immediately following the Dark Moon.

However, it’s more commonplace these days to refer to this period of time as the New Moon, as you’ll notice not only in modern spiritual circles, but the majority of Western calendars.

Whichever way you look at it, you’ll still be working with the same energy! As with all things in spiritual and energetic practice, choose the definition that resonates with you.

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New Moon Energy

The New Moon is the time for new beginnings, wiping the slate clean, and starting over. The New Moon encourages us to start something new.

From a gardening perspective, the lunar gravity during the New Moon causes water to rise making it an optimal time to plant seeds for above ground crops that produce seeds outside their fruit.

In Goddess Spirituality, the New Moon is the time of the Maiden – the independent, young-at-heart woman.

The New Moon is a great time to initiate new projects, take action on new goals, do energy work for the purposes of manifesting or creating something new, as well as to “level up” in your life.

New Moon energy is especially good at empowering:

  • New relationships
  • New jobs or a career change
  • A new home, or a move
  • The launch of a new business
  • The launch of a new product or service
  • A new course, or program of study
  • The decision to quit a vice (such as smoking, drinking, etc.)
  • A lifestyle change

If you want to empower your goals with the New Moon, remember that your intention is key! Please refer to Moon Energy 101 to learn more about how to work with Moon energy. 

Other New Moon Effects

You may also notice an onslaught of new ideas during the days leading up to and following the New Moon, or a burst of creative energy and even physical energy. Make note of how your body responds to each moon phase, and use what you find to your advantage.

The New Moon reminds us that you can always start fresh, and that there are infinite possibilities awaiting us at all times – if only we stay open to them.

Allow the power of the New Moon to propel you forward and start something new!


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